Elm Creek Detention Planning

Elm Creek Detention Planning
Alaback Design was a key member of the consulting team to create designs for two large storm water detention basins within an urban neighborhood east of downtown Tulsa. These new flood control basins, which will accommodate 178-acre feet of floodwater storage, will work with the recently completed Centennial Park pond to mitigate flooding problems.

A critical objective for the new flood control facilities will be to stimulate the revitalization of the Pearl District neighborhood by creating world-class public spaces. Concepts for the new west basin propose an urban lake, surrounded by terraced walls and street level pedestrian spaces. Plans for the east basin create a combination of ponds and green spaces within three interconnected blocks.

Urban planning for both basins encourages high density redevelopment adjacent to these new urban amenities. Concepts have also been developed for conversion of 6th Street to a pedestrian oriented street/ canal that conveys the floodwaters from the east basin to Centennial Park.


Location: Tulsa, OK

Client: City of Tulsa