Helmerich Park

Helmerich Park

Helmerich Park stands out as one of Tulsa’s most popular parks. Sitting near the Arkansas river in a grove of large trees, Helmerich Park offers great shade for play and fitness. Alaback Design worked with the City of Tulsa Parks Department to develop a nautical themed playground that maximized the park’s potential while minimizing tree loss.

Two play areas for two different age groups were designed in the shape of boats, with seat walls evoking the bow and stern of the boats.  Stamped colored concrete and wood posts create the look and feel of water and boat docks which usher visitors into the play areas. These themed elements help the children use their imagination to build a story of sailing the high seas.

In addition to the nautical play areas, a meandering walk loops around the park to provide a shaded trail for parents to walk while children play. Several benches and picnic table areas with BBQ grills were placed along the walking paths. A large existing shade shelter and several new shelters provide areas for gatherings. Finally, it’s not just the kids who get to exercise, adults can challenge themselves by using the adult fitness equipment.

Client: City of Tulsa Parks Department

Location: Tulsa, OK