Maxwell Park

Maxwell Park Splash Pad
This is one of the first enhanced design splash pads to be completed by the City of Tulsa. Alaback Design was selected as the landscape architect for the project. The site had an existing swimming pool that was scheduled to be demolished and there was an existing community center and library adjacent to the site.

The use of active splash play elements allows children to move around the splash pad enjoying different play events. So, in addition to getting wet, the kids can get some exercise too! The new splash pad was integrated into an existing playground (which was later updated and enhanced by GH2 architects.)

The splash pad equipment is VORTEX and Alaback Design selected stainless equipment with color accents. This selection does not show hard water spots and looks cleaner longer. With the number of elements, the splash pad can accommodate a large number of kids. For the paving design, colored concrete accents the splash pad. The design is a series of circles that become richer when water is on the ground. Benches and Planters were designed to provide setting for those not wanting to get wet.

Location: Tulsa, OK

Client: City of Tulsa